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VIRGINIA LEITH (1925-2019)An intriguingly persuasive and hauntingly beautiful actress who never got her due. Her debut performance was in Stanley Kubrick’s first picture, FEAR AND DESIRE. The very next year, she had a striking supporting role in Nunnally Johnson’s BLACK WIDOW, but her real mark in cinema history was made in 1962, when she starred as the severed head in the pan in THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE. She died this month, at the age of 94.


FILM FREAKS FOREVER!!!#FilmFreaksForeverIn the latest edition of the podcast that has been called “cool” and “gives me something to do when walking the dog”, your Film Freaks Phoef Sutton and Mark Jordan Legan jump through the 4th Dimension and travel through time to bring you some of the best, fascinating films on those who have dared to mess with Einstein’s theories, H.G. Wells’ diaries and fight the Morlocks. Phoef and Mark discuss the whole genre and then shine a light on three of the best movies about the subject plus one of the most successful franchises ever that popularized Crispin Glover, a DeLorean and a pissed off Eric Stolz! So come join us – from whatever century you choose – as we fall down yet another entertaining, thrilling Black Hole! Take that Tipler’s Cylinder!


Mark Jordan Legan is one of the best people I know. Mark has been an NPR contributor for ten years, leading the listening audience to obscure and often forgotten cinema. Before that he was an actor and a stand-up comedian. He has written for more TV shows that I can count. More than that, he is my closest friend. My boon companion,


We start each night with some cartoons. It’s the law. We’ve been exploring the Hanna-Barbera TV shows lately. Some of them are very weak. THE SPACE KIDETTES was one. The other was YOUNG SAMSON AND GOLIATH, about a teen-ager and his dog who, with the help of magic bracelets turn into, well Young Samson (a muscle bound Sword and Sandal type) and his pet Lion. Who can also shoot laser out of his cat eyes.


MOVIE NIGHT – a blog by Author Phoef Sutton. Almost every week for the past ten (twenty?) years, my good friend Mark Jordan Legan and I have gotten together to watch movies. “Bad” movies? “Good” movies? “Cult” movies? “Weird” movies? Whatever you want to call them, it’s fine with me. We’re “film freaks.” We pride ourselves on unearthing the obscure and the wonderful. We were watching THE ROOM long before it became a cult hit. We love THREE DEV ADAM and THE VIY and MYSTICS OF BALI and ROBOT MONSTER and SH! THE OCTOPUS. If you haven’t seen these, track them down.