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We start each night with some cartoons. It’s the law. We’ve been exploring the Hanna-Barbera TV shows lately. Some of them are very weak. THE SPACE KIDETTES was one. The other was YOUNG SAMSON AND GOLIATH, about a teen-ager and his dog who, with the help of magic bracelets turn into, well Young Samson (a muscle bound Sword and Sandal type) and his pet Lion. Who can also shoot laser out of his cat eyes.


Turner Classic Movies is showing a new CARRY ON movie every Saturday. As there are over thirty of them, the festival could go on for many, many months. I know these films are an acquired taste, but I love them dearly. Full of low-brow, music-hall-style humor, they’re sort of the British equivalent to Abbott and Costello movies. The stories are loosely structured to allow a variety of English comedians a chance to do their bits.


Los Angeles has been destroyed and laid to waste in more movies than any city other that Tokyo. But unlike New York and Rome and London, when L.A. gets wrecked, nobody feels that twinge in the heart that comes with losing a beloved landmark. When Los Angeles gets the post-apocalyptic treatment, it usually gets better. Why is that?

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