The other day I opened the mail and saw that I had received a certificate from the Writer’s Guild of America, congratulating me for being a writer on one of WGA’s 101 Best Written TV Series. The list was compiled by members of the guild, which makes it all the more rewarding. The series in question was CHEERS.

Since I posted it on Facebook, I’ve gotten over a hundred messages congratulating me on it, including one that quoted my favorite line from my favorite episode that I wrote (Lilith: “Why do you insist on displaying your magazines in that insipid accordion design?”)

Also, a nice note from my friend Craig Bierko (who was in another I show I wrote for that some people think should have made the list, BOSTON LEGAL): “Cheers is one of the finest programs in the history of television. You and all of your colleagues deserve every accolade and recognition but personally I can think of no greater compliment than this – the show has always improved the nature of my day regardless of the nature of my day. Cheers!”

To all the people who sent me notes, I say thank you. It was a blessing of pure luck that I got the chance to work on that show. It was tenacity and talent, however that kept me on it for eight years! The show was my high school, my college and my graduate school in comedy. To all those the fine folks I shared the writer’s room with – David Lloyd, Bob Ellison, Bill & Cheri Steinkellner, Ken Levin & David Isaacs, Jerry Belson, Peter Casey & David Lee, David Angell, Dan O’Shannon & Tom Anderson, Rob Long & Dan Staley, Jonathan Stark & Tracy Newman, Tom Leopold, Tom Reeder and, of course, Glen & Les Charles – I give my heartfelt thanks for an amazing education. May you display your certificates proudly!



Phoef Sutton

Phoef Sutton

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Phoef Sutton