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The Dead Man Vol 4

Freaks Must Die, Slaves to Evil, The Midnight Special

After dying in a freak accident, Matt Cahill inexplicably “wakes up” three months later with the disturbing ability to see things – terrible things – that others cannot. Drafted as a warrior in the battle between good and evil, Matt will stop at nothing to destroy the malevolent Mr. Dark. In The Dead Man Volume 4, a trio of sinister new stories tracks the reluctant hero on his nightmarish quest.


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Reviews for The Dead Man Vol 4

"I have read almost all of the series now. Just can not stop reading them. You will just have to keep reading or else go nuts! At least that's how I've been. I like that there is not a huge amount of bad words in the series. So I can let my daughter read as well. She likes these kinds of stories as well." --  Lynn,  

"Nice new twist on the genre of book. Im still working through the others in the series. Its a worthy read." --  Anonymous,  

"The Dead Man books are always a good read. Wish the stories were a bit longer but I still like reading them. Gotta love stories about an axe wielding hero." --  Anonymous,  

"I've read all of these to this point and continue to enjoy the series. i like the lead character and loath the main protagonist (which is a good thing). A quick read but enjoyable." --  Anonymous,