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Midnight Special

DINNER AT THE BROOKLYN MORGUE is more than just a seventies zombie flick. It’s also a cursed movie. A trail of violence and murder has followed the film’s re-release across the country and Matt Cahill is determined to find out why…and put an end to the madness. His quest takes him to L.A., where he infiltrates the inner circle of the Tarantino-like director who’s behind the rediscovery of this piece of cinematic horror and is either a tool of Mr. Dark…or the evil entity’s most formidable enemy.

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Reviews for Midnight Special

"I'm not really a horror fan, and I don't even know if this is properly called "horror," either. All I know is, I like it a lot. It's spooky and witty and jolting all at the same time. You're in the hands of a master." --  Rob Long,  

"From beginning to end a thrill ride that just never stops. I had just about given up hope after the last lackluster episodes but this one thrilled." --  Paige M Vallee,  

"I really love the dead man series. Always want to know what will happen to him, so it keeps me reading!!!!" --  Alvine,  

"This one is much better than the last two books. the author writes with wit, flair, and keeps the action going! the book is loaded with fun trivia, and he creates a most interesting character in barnabus yancy. i hope to read more from this new talent in the future!" --  Benjamin Davis,