My Work

My first real job in show business. I was just 27, had a wife, a new baby and 35 dollars in my bank account. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I just kept my head down and listened. To David Lloyd and Bob Ellison. To Glen and Les Charles. To David Angell and David Lee and Peter Casey. To Bill and Cheri Steinkellner. All Gods of TV Comedy. It was like going to Sit-com University. I worked like the devil for eight years. Moved up the ranks slowly, until I was running the show with the Steinkellners for the last four years. This is the foundation of my career. Cheers!

I spent three seasons on David E. Kelley’s BOSTON LEGAL. They were three of my most enjoyable years in show business. A mix of comedy and drama, often slammed up against each other in the most delightful, audacious way, Kelley’s legal drama was a real education in not under-estimating the intelligence of the audience. My favorite episode was THE SON OF THE DEFENDER; I found a 1950s live TV play by Reginald Rose called THE DEFENDER in which an incredibly young William Shatner played a fledgling attorney. Using that as flashbacks to Denny Crane’s first case, we were able to contrast the young and old Shatner in a way that would have been otherwise impossible. Kudos to Bill D’Elia for direction and Bill Shatner for a wonderful performance. I saw the first broadcast from my hospital bed after my brain aneurysm. But that’s another story.

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With the advent of self-publishing I was able to realize my dream of getting the original version of my first novel out to the public. I had allowed myself to be talked into changing it from a Cornell Woolrich-style thriller to a romantic mystery. The end result pleased no one, least of all me. Now I was able to present it in its original dark form. The novel has been very well-received. It is most gratifying. At last, I can sleep well!

I’ve spent most of my career in comedy. I love making people laugh. I love the old fashioned multi-camera form where you have to get the studio audience to laugh or you don’t get to go home. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. I love horror. I’m what they call a true Monster Kid. As a child, I loved the Universal Horror Movies and the works of Richard Matheson. I always wanted to try my hand at scaring people. Now I have. My two books THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL (a flat-out horror story) and FIFTEEN MINUTES TO LIVE (a thriller) are out. FIFTEEN MINUTES is in the vein of Cornell Woolrich and Alfred Hitchcock, a dark romantic thriller. THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL is a balls-to-wall bloodbath. It feels really good to spread my wings.

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