‘TIL DEATH is a short film I made a few years ago. I was inspired by countless hours watching ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS. Joe Mantegna and Tim Dutton are friends of mine, so I called them asked them if they wanted to do it. It was great fun to play director. The film won the Audience Favorite at the Palm Springs Short Film Festival and Houston Film Fest. Features JOE MANTEGNA, JENNY GARTH and TIM DUTTON.



FIRST DAY — I have a lot of funny friends. Jim Rash, Chris Moynihan, Mark Jordan Legan, Heath Hyche. We get together on the weekends, watching weird movies and make each other laugh. A few years ago we formed SOURDOUGH FILMS and started making some short films. I’ll post a few of them, as the mood strikes me. This is first one we made. It’s about working life. Enjoy!



Written by Mark Jordan Legan. Directed and Edited by Scott Patch. Starring Jim Rash, Mark Jordan Legan, Phoef Sutton & Chris Moynihan.



Written by Mark Jordan Legan. Directed by Scott Patch. Starring Mark Jordan Legan and Phoef Sutton



Another Sourdough Films production. Written by Phoef Sutton; Edited by Scott Patch.