REBORN: a Dead Man Adventure

REBORN: a Dead Man Adventure

I am a part of an exciting new project – a serialized novel for Amazon, debuting January 21st.3743566564_a256756068

Lee Goldberg, Kate Danley, William Rabkin, Lisa Klink and myself are writing a new DEAD MAN book, to be published in six installments by Amazon.

Here’s the story:DSC_1578-Editsmall

Tanis Archer is facing a miserable 25th birthday. She’s a part-time barista in her sixth year at Dallas Community College. Her life is going nowhere, fast.


Because on her way to work, she loses control of her car and is killed in a horrific crash. That should have been the tragic end of her story. But days later, she wakes up on a cold morgue slab…and soon learns that miraculous resurrections have brutal side effects. For starters, there are people around her who look as if they are decomposing from the inside-out, victims of their rotting souls. Even worse, it’s no illusion. What she is seeing is real, a shadowy part of the world where the bloody battle between good and evil is being fought every day by Matt Cahill, an ax-wielding “dead man” and his rag-tag army of supernatural freaks.

And she’s being asked to join him.

William Rabkin 001

Obviously that’s not how Tanis wants to spend her after-life–she’d rather party with her new-found abilities–but an unimaginable horror is rising from the Black Sea, and she might just be the only person who can save humanity from an agonizing, never-ending nightmare…

REBORN features a fresh, colorful heroine in an action-packed, darkly funny tale of adventure and terror told by an incredible dream team of award-winning, widely-acclaimed writers: USA Today bestselling author Kate Danley (The Woodcutter), Emmy Award winning screenwriter and novelist Phoef Sutton (Cheers, Boston Legal), TV writer/producer and author Lisa Klink (Star Trek Voyager, Painkiller Jane), New York Times bestselling author and TV producer Lee Goldberg (The Heist, King City), and two-time Edgar-Award nominated writer William Rabkin (Monk, Psych).

REBORN is the exciting new chapter in the Dead Man saga: a series of novels published by Amazon 47 North, the Dead Man Adventures are about dead people who are brought back to life in order to fight evil. They’re a 21st Century take on the Men’s Adventure novels of the 1970s.


Last winter Lee and Bill and Kate and Lisa and I got together at Lee’s house and, over the barbecued ribs that are Lee’s specialty, and “broke” the story of this Dead Man sequel. It was a lot of fun and a lot of work, but by the end of the day, we had an outline that each of us would follow – Kate writing the beginning, me writing the middle, and Lisa writing the end. I got the easy end of the lollypop, since I wouldn’t have to set up and the story and I wouldn’t have to tie up all the loose ends.

Then we sent our separate ways and wrote a book. Amazingly, it all fit together. I think. You be the judge. Read it and let me know what you think!



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Phoef Sutton

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