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MOVIE NIGHT – a blog by Author Phoef Sutton. Almost every week for the past ten (twenty?) years, my good friend Mark Jordan Legan and I have gotten together to watch movies. “Bad” movies? “Good” movies? “Cult” movies? “Weird” movies? Whatever you want to call them, it’s fine with me. We’re “film freaks.” We pride ourselves on unearthing the obscure and the wonderful. We were watching THE ROOM long before it became a cult hit. We love THREE DEV ADAM and THE VIY and MYSTICS OF BALI and ROBOT MONSTER and SH! THE OCTOPUS. If you haven’t seen these, track them down.


I came late to The Stooges. As a kid, their charm escaped me. Not that I wasn’t a fan of “old time comedy”. I loved Laurel & Hardy more than life itself. I found Abbott & Costello hilarious. I laughed at the Marx Brothers and W.C. Fields. The Li’l Rascals, I adored. Buster Keaton and… Continue Reading CURLY V. SHEMP »