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FILM FREAKS FOREVER!!!#FilmFreaksForeverIn the latest edition of the podcast that has been called “cool” and “gives me something to do when walking the dog”, your Film Freaks Phoef Sutton and Mark Jordan Legan jump through the 4th Dimension and travel through time to bring you some of the best, fascinating films on those who have dared to mess with Einstein’s theories, H.G. Wells’ diaries and fight the Morlocks. Phoef and Mark discuss the whole genre and then shine a light on three of the best movies about the subject plus one of the most successful franchises ever that popularized Crispin Glover, a DeLorean and a pissed off Eric Stolz! So come join us – from whatever century you choose – as we fall down yet another entertaining, thrilling Black Hole! Take that Tipler’s Cylinder!