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RICHARD CHRISTIAN MATHESON is a bestselling short story writer, novelist, screenwriter/producer and drummer. How many people can say that? (And he studied, one on one, with the legendary drummer Ginger Baker!) RC is also the president of Matheson Entertainment, a production company he formed with his father, which is involved with multiple film and television projects.


There is no name for it. It happens every year. It’s one of the few really classy, unselfish traditions left in Hollywood. Television writers put in hours of work on their friend’s comedy pilots for NO MONEY. JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE FRIENDS.


I’m very excited to announce that I have a new novel coming out. In July of 2015! From Prospect Park Books. I don’t expect you to save the date. Believe me, I’ll remind you. The book is called CRUSH. It’s mystery — an action thriller about a nightclub bouncer who becomes embroiled in a wealthy family’s… Continue Reading CRUSH »


The strange process by which the writer attempts to sell his idea for a script or show to a studio and/or network. It calls for the writer to put on the unlikely guise of the salesman. Some are good at it. Some are not. Some actually like doing it. Some would rather go through root… Continue Reading PITCHING »